Happy spring! And second and third novel update from Jack Matthews!

Claireworks Gallery, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

Happy springtime, dear readers and followers of Jack Matthews’ Author site.

My first novel, Death at La Osa: A Pueblo Tribal Police Mystery, has gone to hardcover. Favorable reviews from The Santa Fe New Mexican, back in November, prompted Sunstone Press to go to hardcover. (There were other reasons, as well.)

My second novel, tentatively titled, Arroyo of Shells, is completed. But I have some friends and assessors reading the manuscript before I send it to Sunstone Press. The novel has the same characters and setting as Death at La Osa. Tribal Policeman Richard Tafoya, Forest Service Specialist Janet Rael, Jason Taylor the server, and Coe the bookseller all appear in Arroyo of Shells.

The third novel, tentatively titled, The Cave of the Infinite Symbol, is four-fifths completed.

Since June of last year, 2022, much has happened in my family’s life. Health issues, funerals, a beautiful wedding, and other matters have slowed down my writing.

But I’m back in the saddle again!

If you haven’t purchased Death at La Osa, do so now with the links I provided in a previous posts: bookshop.org, B&N, Amazon, and your local independent bookstore.

Happy trails to you! Have a great spring and summer!


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